Game Development

I have 4 years experience of software development at Cisco and IBM writing in Python, Perl, Java, Javascript, AS2 and AS3. I also have 2 years writing code for games in Unity using C#. I've worked on gameplay code, UI code, server interactions, integrating plugins and writing and integrating custom C libraries.

I am also a Certified Unity Gameplay Programmer.

Computer Game Design

I have a BA in Digital Art and Technology (Game Design) and have taken game systems from vague brief to complete product. I know my Bartle's Taxonomy from my Engagement Curves, I read game design books for fun and study games to see what has and can be done in the medium.

Board Game Design

I've also researched and worked on multiple board games, attending game jams with flashcards, sharpies and bags of meeples. I've created hidden movement games, drafting games and push your luck dice rolling games. I write design docs and balance game content with somewhat excessive spreadsheets.


Examples of my work can be seen on my Portfolio



Hi, I'm Adam. I’m a Game Designer and Developer with a Digital Art degree and well structured code who's aiming to make games for as long as I'm physically capable of doing so. I love games, I play them, I design them, I build them and when I'm not doing any of those I'm probably thinking about them. I truly believe that games can do things that no other media can do and I'm doing all I can to explore what those things are.