Bane is a hidden movement board game I designed as part of the Global Games Jam 2016. I worked with a pair of artists and designers to get the board, cards and other assets created. I did the design work for the Location layout and designed all the cards and abilities.

The game itself has one player playing a Cultist who’s trying to collect resources to summon eldritch horrors, the remaining players play Investigators who are trying to find the Cultist and stop them from performing the summoning rite.

The main aim of the design was to try a new way for the hunting players to detect the running player. In Fury of Dracula the runner leaves a trail behind them that can be stumbled upon by the hunters. In Scotland Yard the runner periodically appears and has to declare which method of transport they’ve taken, and in Letters from Whitechapel the Runner has a limited number of start and end points.

In Bane the runner is collecting coloured resources from the nodes they occupy, the hunters can look at the board layout to try and work out where the runner is. It’s harder to pin down the runner (the hunter has to use an action to search for them) and the hunters have the opportunity to destroy the objectives the runner is heading to, meaning new ones get spawned. This means that the game is less about catching the runner and more about working out their plan and trying to keep 1 step ahead of them.

The game can be downloaded from the Global Game Jam website: