A space survival horror game made in 48 hours in Unity3d. Avoid a cosmic horror and try to stay sane.

SoulMate Gameplay 1

Soul Mate

A colour and shape matching game of blobs and love made in AS3 using Flixel.

I Say!: Solving Problems

After playtesting the changes from the ¬†previous post it’s become apparent that there are 2 main issues with the gameplay of I …

I Say!: Re-Design

In the next month or so I’m heading to Gamecamp and Bit of Alright, both of which would be great places to …

Solar Wind: Crunching Features

Boxes now work! And it doesn’t even make the rest of the game break! I’m currently doing the dumb thing of adding …

Einsam: Global Games Jam 2013

I really should have blogged this while creating it, but 48 hours isn’t a long time to learn how to properly use …


Solar Wind: Levels

We now have Levels! With objectives and entrances and exits and crudely made fading transitions.