Dig That Gold

Dig That Gold is a mining based puzzle game written in Unity for iOS and Android that I’m working on as a contractor for Project M Studio (http://projectmstudio.com/). The core gameplay involves digging through a mine filled with blocks to try and find the gold with a limited number of time and block hits. The player then moves to the panning engine where they have to remove all the dirt from a pan while keeping as much gold as possible.

As part of Project M Studio I was mainly working on the engine for the Panning section of the game. I came up with the concept, worked on the design and prototyped the engine, then refined it down to what is currently implemented. I worked with the 3D and UI artists to create the look and feel of the engine.

After that I’ve also been involved in many aspects of the game, including writing C code for additional modules, doing extensive work on the UI with the Untiy UI system including 2d animations and working on designing security measures to stop abuse of the game system.

The current version of the game is currently available on the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/dig-that-gold/id1018646590 and more updates are being worked on at the moment.