Line is a card game I created as part of the Curve Digital Skatejam in 2015. I’d done a lot of small computer games at jams before so I decided to try a card game. The core mechanic of Line is Drafting, the players get 7 trick cards each, pick one to keep and pass the rest around, this continues until all cards have been claimed. The trick cards each have connectors on the top, bottom and both sides plus a score. They then have to lay out their cards next to the obstacle cards to make a series of skate tricks, or Line. Points are scored for the points on the card, the first instance of each card and for matching 2 connectors with a star next to them to create a combo, the most points wins that round. After this the players may keep 1 core of their remaining hand and each are dealt 7 new cards. The first player to win 2 rounds wins.