Slye’s Lost Words


Slye’s lost words was a work for hire I produced with “Shakespeare’s Globe” as part of their Globe Playground site. I produced an educational word search that used a list of 200 Shakespearean words to generate a new grid each time and showed the meaning of each word when found.
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The game was required to work with all browsers plus Android and iOS tablets so I made the game in GameMaker Studio and built it in HTML5.  The game not only randomly generates a new grid each play but also scans the grid for inadvertent swear words and also has a printing functionality so that users can print out the grid plus all of the definitions.

The project can be found on the Shakespeare’s Globe website: http://www.shakespearesglobe.com/playground/play.

Devog: http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/category/devlog/completed-devlog/slye/



Einsam is a sci-fi survival horror game made with our team The Indifference Engine as part of the Global Games Jam 2013 in 48 hours. You play Sam, an astronaut being kept alive by the ATHENA suit who must find the pieces of a distress beacon in the floating wreckage of a ruined spacecraft. But, while ATHENA won’t let Sam die, Sam’s mind is in more danger.
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einsam gameplay 1

Einsam is a game of avoidance and risk with the character’s health being replaced with sanity and displayed to the player by the character’s heartbeat and camera effects. If the player is not behind scenery when a wave of darkness approaches then they lose a large quantity of their sanity, if their sanity is maxed out and they are hit then they lose the game.

The game was reviewed on the VGM Awesome radio show: https://soundcloud.com/vgmawesome/vgm-awesome-71-einsam-review

The project can be found at: http://theuncommon.co.uk/projects/einsam/
Global Games Jam site: http://globalgamejam.org/2013/einsam
Built using Unity3D

Devlog: http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/category/devlog/completed-devlog/einsam/


SoulMate is a group project for my Gameplay module at Plymouth University, my role within the team was game designer and coder. It’s a shape matching puzzle game where you drag your character’s shape around to match you “suitor”, when the shapes are close enough you absorb the suitor and move on to the next. The aim is to absorb as many suitors as possible by the time the game ends.
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SoulMate Gameplay 1

The project can be found at: http://theuncommon.co.uk/projects/soulmate/.
Built using FlashDevelop and the Flixel game engine.

Devlog: http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/category/devlog/completed-devlog/soul/

Salvage: The Fall

Salvage: The Fall was my final year project at Plymouth University. It’s a top down shooter that explores the concept of evolutionary game pacing. Each time a game is started the game picks a graph from the server that will dictate the numbers and placement of enemies. At the end of the game the player rates their game experience and the results are collated. The graphs that are liked are then bred together using a genetic algorithm to produce a new generation that are then put through the same process.
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The idea was to create a game that uses player experience to improve itself, rather than companies having to worry about the minutia of balancing the experience they can use playtesting and beta periods to allow the game to learn player habits and allow the game to tweak itself to find the optimum level of difficulty. Rather than the game’s creators releasing patches to improve it, the game can improve itself.

The project can be found at: http://theuncommon.co.uk/projects/salvage/
Built using FlashDevelop and the Flixel game engine.

Devlog: http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/category/devlog/in-progress/salvagethefall/

Gravity Wack


Gravity Wack was made as part of the 2nd Tiga GameHack in November 2013. It was made in 24 hours in a team of 5 on the theme of “Childhood”. The game is a 2 player death match that pits a stuffed bear and toy squirrel against each other in child’s room on a space station armed with bats and grappling hooks.
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The team that made Gravity Wack was 3 coders, 2 artists and a designer. I wrote the majority of the code myself in C# since 1 coder specialized in 3D mathematics, the other was mostly doing project management and I was the only one with unity experience. The original concept was originally based around the mental image of a teddy bear being sniped in the head. However, we managed to out scope ourselves by going for a system where gravity pushes out from the inside, hitting people in close combat and making grappling hooks. This meant working around Unity’s new 2D physics engine and tweaking it to work as we wanted, which took a bit of doing.

While the game’s not great I did learn a lot from the experience, the biggest thing being coding in C# in Unity, but also working in a team with more than 1 coder which I’d note done before at a jam.

The project can be found at http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/projects/gravitybash/

Built using the Unity game engine

Devlog: http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/category/devlog/in-progress/gravity/

Salty Sea Dogs



Salty Sea Dogs is a top down ship game built in 8 hours for the 2013 Pie and Mash Game Jam in Brighton. It’s fairly simple, based around moving between islands and firing at stationary targets, keyboard controls are used to move and firing is controlled by the microphone, to represent barking orders.
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The game jam was rather short but I managed to get a lot done, including my first use of water and Terrain in Unity. Plus the idea of using sound to interact the game was new and took a bit of doing, but I found a script to sample the current volume from the mic. This is then sampled and averaged over 100 ticks and the current volume is then checked against the average, this means that the cannons only fire when a noise is loud compared to the background noise rather than just going off all the time in a loud environment.

Forward: W
Left: A
Right: D
Fire: Bark
Exit: Esc

The project can be found at http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/projects/seadogs/seadogs.exe

Built using the Unity game engine

Devlog: http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/category/devlog/in-progress/salty/


In Progress:




Mantra is a work in progress game project designed for tablets. The aim is to collect the spheres and place them on the plinth where they will disappear, however the spheres are loud and if they collide with each other too much then the ambient noise gets too loud and and the game ends.

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The game is currently a prototype for the basic system, the player can manipulate the Spheres and place them on the plinth. Collision detection is functional and can work out the speed of the collision but the sound mechanics are yet to be implemented. The next step will be to re-write the code in properly structured C# and add in functionality to track fingers on mobile platforms. After that and the basic scoring are done additional sphere types will be added with special rules and effects.

The prototype can be played here:

Mantra is built in Unity3D.

Devlog: http://www.theuncommon.co.uk/category/devlog/in-progress/mantra/

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